Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Recipe:

300g Butter
300g Sugar

300g Self Raising Flour

6 eggs

1 tsp Vanilla

2tsp Baking powder

3-4tbsp milk

 Butter Icing Recipe

250g Butter

800g Icing Sugar

2tbsp Milk

1.Heat oven to 190c/ Fan 170c

2.Grease 6 8 inch sandwich tins (or as many as you have, you can just rotate in if you have less)

3. In a large bowl or stand mixer beat together all the ingredients in one go until you have a smooth batter (add a drop more milk if it looks to thick)

4. Using 6 bowls weigh the batter out into 200g portions in each bowl

5. Add your chosen colours to each bowl and mix together

6. Transfer your colours into the baking tin and bake for 12-15 minutes until the sponge bounces back when you touch the middle

7. Place on a cooling rack and allow to cool fully before the fun part

8. While waiting for you cake to cool cream together butter, icing sugar and milk until you have a fluffy creamy icing (top tip: put a tea towel over your mixer or bowl to avoid the icing sugar going EVERYWHERE)

9. Once your cakes are cooled spread a thin layer of icing onto each layer and top with some jam too

10. Cover the whole cake in your butter icing and using a pallet knife of scraper go around the cake using firm pressure till you have a flat even coat

11. Pop the cake in the fridge to firm up and then time for the best bit EATING IT!

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