Cocktail Hour

When The Weekend Rolls Around, All You Want To Do Is Have A Cocktail In-Hand In The Sunshine. Well... We May Not Be Able To Control The Weather, But We Sure Can Share With You Our Best 6 Cocktail Recipes For You To Mix Up This Weekend! Tried And Tested (A Tough Job, We Know!) By Gabriella And Her Family At Their Very Own Garden Bar, 'A Slice Of Lemon'

Martini Spritz

Martini Spritz (Serves 1)


100ml Martini Bianco Or Rosso
Prosecco Or Cava
Fresh Lime

Fill A Large Glass Up A Quarter Of The Way With Ice
Add In The Martini
Fill The Rest Of The Glass With Prosecco
Stir + Garnish With A Slice Of Lime

Dark & Stormy

Dark 'N' Stormy (Serves 1)



  50ml Dark Or Spiced Rum  

Ginger Beer


Fresh Lime  


Fill A Large Glass Up A Quarter Of

The Way With Ice

Add The 50ml Of Rum

Fill The Rest Of The Glass With Ginger Beer + A Splash Of Coke  

Stir + Garnish With Lime Wedges

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri (Serves 1)



250g Strawberries, Hulled

50ml Rum

Juice Of A Half A Lime


Blend The Strawberries Together Until A Puree

Push The Puree Through A Sieve To Capture Any Seeds

Tip The Sieved Puree Into The Blender Again And Add The Ice, Rum And Lime Juice  

Slit A Strawberry Down The Middle Half Way And Place On The Rim Of Your Glass To Garnish

And here's Gabriella showing us how it's done...