Mr And Mrs Croc Passport Set


Need the *perfect* thoughtful wedding gift that won't mean you can't afford to attend the actual wedding? We've got you, guys.

The Mr and Mrs Croc Passport Cover Set is the answer to your prayers and ours, (its why we made it, duh). A 'Mrs' monogrammed Cream Croc Passport Cover for the bride, a 'Mr' Black Croc Passport Cover for the groom.

So easy, so chic. JOB DONE. Now you can get back to working out how you're going to get 3 weeks off work for the two hen dos and week long 'celebration'. 

The 411:

  • Real leather 
  • Set of two passport covers
  • Cream Croc- 'Mrs' monogram
  • Black Croc- 'Mr' monogram 
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